COUNTRY - Eau de parfum - 30ml

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COUNTRY - Eau de parfum - 30ml

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Experience the essence of Wales, a mesmerizing emerald paradise adorned with lush green pastures, crystal-clear skies, majestic hills, meandering rivers, babbling streams, and picturesque valleys. This land is a UNESCO world heritage site teeming with diverse flora and fauna, and the iconic daffodil, with its vibrant scented petals, stands as the national emblem of Wales, blooming across the undulating landscape. Immerse yourself in the heart of Wales with "Country."

Our exceptional fragrance "Country" begins its journey with a captivating blend of pettigrain, neroli, narcissus (daffodil), fresh water, newly cut grass, vetiver, and gentle woods.

Transport yourself to the pristine landscapes of Wales and embrace the natural beauty and fragrance that inspired our "COUNTRY - Eau de Parfum." This exquisite scent captures the essence of Wales in a bottle.

Defnyddiwch dabiau cwympadwy i gael gwybodaeth fanylach a fydd yn helpu cwsmeriaid i wneud penderfyniad prynu.

E.e: Polisïau cludo a dychwelyd, canllawiau maint, a chwestiynau cyffredin eraill.

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