Mallows - Rummers Rum Small 5cl

Mallows - Rummers Rum Small 5cl

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Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of the Caribbean with our Rummers Rum collection from Mallows. Each variant offers a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients, ensuring a delightful experience for your palate.

Rummers Banana Rum: Transport yourself to the Windward Islands with our Banana Rum. Infused with under-ripe bananas, vanilla, and caramel, this Golden Rum promises a fresh and sweet flavor profile.

Rummers Citrus & Sea Salt Rum: Savor the essence of citrus and sea salt with our Citrus & Sea Salt Rum. Inspired by early sailors, this infusion of lemon, lime, and orange zest delivers a refreshing kick.

Rummers Golden Rum: Crafted with a three-year-old Caribbean rum aged in American Oak barrels, our Golden Rum offers a smooth vanilla profile. No added flavors or sugar, just pure and classic goodness.

Rummers Pineapple Rum: Embrace the Caribbean's iconic friendship fruit – pineapple. Our two-method process infuses Caribbean rum with the freshest pineapples, creating a light and delicate hue.

Rummers Spiced Rum: Dive into the rich flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, and caramel with our Spiced Rum. A harmonious blend that elevates the rum experience.

Explore the Rummers Rum collection and embark on a journey of exquisite taste and Caribbean tradition. Cheers to the finer things in life!

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