Three Oaks Premium Welsh gin 20cl

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Three Oaks Premium Welsh gin 20cl

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Welsh Gin is produced by the fermentation of malted barley which gives a mellow base spirit that is then infused with the natural essences of juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, Orange and Grapefruit to produce a smooth and balanced gin with well-defined flavours and exceptional aroma. Zesty and sweet with a hint of spring blossom. From grain to glass, all processes are carried out at our Ammanford distillery. Exceptional on its own, in cocktails or with your favourite mixer.

alc. 40% vol, 20cl

Defnyddiwch dabiau cwympadwy i gael gwybodaeth fanylach a fydd yn helpu cwsmeriaid i wneud penderfyniad prynu.

E.e: Polisïau cludo a dychwelyd, canllawiau maint, a chwestiynau cyffredin eraill.

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