From Our Farm Biltong - Chilli

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From Our Farm Biltong - Chilli

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Introducing our sensational range of artisan biltong - "From Our Farm Biltong" - a taste experience like no other!

Chilli Biltong: Savor the rich and robust flavor of our Chilli Biltong. Crafted with prime cuts of PGI Welsh beef, it boasts a hint of red chili and cayenne pepper. This classic biltong is a much-loved favorite and has earned a well-deserved Great Taste 2 Star Award.

Discover the exceptional flavors and quality of "From Our Farm Biltong." Satisfy your cravings, embrace the heat, and enjoy the finest biltong experience that's received recognition from the most discerning palates. Try them all and find your favorite today!

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