Our Green Growth Pledge


At A Welsh Secret, we proudly lead the way in embracing our responsibility to protect the environment. Our Green Growth Pledge reflects our dedication to implement sustainable practices that significantly reduce our waste output and minimize our carbon footprint. The undeniable impact of mass human activity on our planet has become more tangible than ever, and now is the time to take decisive action.

To fulfil our pledge, we have taken several concrete steps towards a greener future. We have made a conscious shift towards using environmentally-friendly materials by exclusively utilising paper and biodegradable bags. Additionally, we have replaced conventional lighting fixtures in our shop with energy-efficient bulbs, significantly reducing our energy consumption.

We also recognise our duty to package our own orders sustainably. Our packaging is sourced from recycled materials, much of which is also reused from deliveries we receive in-store. Contributing to the circular economy in this way drastically minimizes our waste and impact on landfills. 

We are always actively engaging with our valued producers to explore innovative solutions together. As part of an initiative to promote more sustainable consumption patterns, we endeavour to set up a refill station, at which customers will be able to return their jars in exchange for a percentage off their next purchase. 

By fostering a collaborative approach and working closely with our producers, we ensure that they share our commitment to sustainability and adhere to environmentally conscious practices throughout the production process. We firmly believe that by making these changes collectively, we can contribute to the preservation of our planet and create a more sustainable future for generations to come. We are continuously seeking new opportunities to improve our environmental performance at A Welsh Secret and to inspire others to join us on this journey.

Join us in our commitment to green growth and discover the beauty of all of the wonderful Welsh products we have to offer. They’re not only expertly-made but also created with our precious environment in mind.